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All expenses associated with maintaining this World Wide Web site and our associated URL's are fully funded by individual personal grants and gifts from the I.G.H.A. Board of Directors and/or HorseAid Founders.
The I.G.H.A. is a world-wide equine registry involved in the registration and representation of all equines. The I.G.H.A. also involves itself with equine welfare issues on a global basis through its equine relief division HorseAid. We have no "hidden" agendas -- what you see on these pages is what we are and what we do.
The I.G.H.A. (and HorseAid ) has NO paid staff (never has), and is entirely comprised of 100% uncompensated volunteers (ALL earning 100% of their living outside of the I.G.H.A. and/or HorseAid). Neither the I.G.H.A. nor HorseAid actively solicits funds for any of its many world wide equine relief programmes. We are able to successfully carry out our many successful programmes due to the generosity of the I.G.H.A. Board of Directors, our many tireless volunteers who donate so much time, energy and sometimes their personal funds toward our cause, those consultants furnishing professional services at no charge, and our many SafeHouse providers who so generously give so much to our horses, and ask nothing in return. Since losing our major HorseAid funding in late 1999, we now derive (and depend on) the major portion of our equine beneficence programme funding from those persons registering horses or ponies with the I.G.H.A. (100% of every registration fee goes directly toward our equine protection programmes).