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IGHA/HorseAid Program News

" that all horses and ponies may lead a
full and productive life, free from pain and abuse."


We have allotted more resources to the IGHA/HorsePAC program. The IGHA/HorseAid Political Action Committee has been allotted more volunteer resources and a generous funding contribution by the IGHA Board of Directors.

We will continue to consult professional lobbyist specializing in equine legislation at the federal and state level to "give the horses a voice"sm in the legislation that effects them. You can expect the same tenacity and goal reaching commitment with IGHA/HorsePAC that we have always shown in HorseAid abuse and rescue cases.

We are currently channeling our IGHA/HorsePAC resources toward two goals: passing federal legislation banning the slaughter of horses in America as well as their export from the U.S. to foreign horse slaughter sources, and reversing FDA approval of Premarin® based medications.

We will also be seeking a Congressional declaration proclaiming the PMU industry as "cruel and unnecessary", and ask that the manufacture and/or importation of all PMU based by-products and collateral resources be banned. "PMU collateral resources" shall include a ban on the importation of any PMU associated horse less than 15 months old into the U.S.

"Give the Horses a Voice" and "IGHA/HorsePAC" are copyrighted (©1999) service marks (sm) of IGHA/HorseAid, All Rights Reserved. IGHA/HorsePAC was formed in 1999 with a personal grant from HorseAid founders Enzo Giobbé and Staci Wilson.

I.G.H.A. and HorseAid Awards

We continue (as we have since 1975 for IGHA awards, and 1984 for HorseAid awards) to honor individuals, organizations, and news outlets with our most prestigious awards for acts of equine beneficence or equine abuse awareness.

If you know of an individual, organization, or news outlet you think would be deserving of one or our prestigious awards, please contact us and if we agree, we will begin the nomination process. The awards we bestow are located here. Rules and monetary grants for the I.G.H.A. "Legion of St. Francis Award™" are available here.

HIP News

Due to a lack of available funds (we lost our in-house funding) to keep administering the HorseAid equine donation and adoption program, we are no longer (since January of 2000) accepting donated horses except in extremely rare situations.

We were averaging an intake of 681 equines a year world-wide (from all sources; rescues, court awarded, animal control seizures, donations by owners), and without a guaranteed source of funding to care for them, it just became impossible to keep administering our current program and continue to accept new horses unabated and without condition. Almost all of this intake was comprised of single horse donations or rescues, which are much more expensive to administer both financially and in volunteer resources than a multiple animal rescue.

From January of 2000 to September 2003, we have averaged a much more financially and volunteer resource manageable 6 horses a year, all were rescues, all were from CA sources. Hopefully, the horses we could not accept into the HorseAid program were given a "helping hand" by other rescues.

The only new equines being accepted into the HorseAid program are animal control seizures and equines awarded to us by the courts or by magistrate's order (mostly rescue/abuse cases).

Horses currently in the HorseAid program (either as adoptions or in HorseAid SafeHouses), will remain in the program forever (once a HorseAid horse, always a HorseAid horse) and are still being cared for as conditions permit.

Equines returned to the Horses in Program (HIP), are either re-adopted out through the HorseAid adoption and placement program (we already have an extensive list of approved adopters waiting), or placed in a permanent SafeHouse or SafeHaven (depending on their age and overall health condition). We are not accepting any new applications for adoption, owner donations, SafeHouse/SafeHavens, or HorseAid Volunteers.

Currently, there are no plans to revive the HIP program in the future.

Current HorseAid equine adopters, pre-approved pending adopters, SafeHouse and SafeHaven caregivers, and HorseAid field volunteers can call the toll free number or special express email address furnished you if you have a problem or question.

Chapter News

Due to a lack of available funds to run the HAChap program, all HorseAid Chapters (world-wide) have been certified as disfranchised.

Currently, there are no plans to revive the HAChap program.

SafeHouse & Safe Haven News
(SafeHouse and SafeHaven are service marks (sm) of IGHA/HorseAid)

SH Poster 1984

Due to a lack of available funds to run the SafeHouse and SafeHaven program effectively, no new placement shelters or temporary rescue homes are being certified as HorseAid SafeHouses or SafeHavens for rescued or court awarded horses or ponies.

Currently, there are no plans to revive the SafeHouse and SafeHaven program(s) in the future.

HorseAid Pony Brigade (Jr. Rep's) News

Due to a lack of available funds, we no longer financially support the HorseAid Pony Brigade (Jr. Reps) program.

Currently, there are no plans to revive the HorseAid Pony Brigade program.

Mail Outs and Trade Shows

Due to a lack of available funds, we no longer process requested mail outs of our informative brochures on horse care, horse abuse, and other issues involving equine beneficence.

Our only current mails outs are for IGHA equine registration applications. As of October 1, 2003, 90% of all IGHA equine registration fees will go into the HorseAid program (including PMU research), the remaining 10% will go to IGHA/HorsePAC. That's 100% of all fees received going directly for equine beneficence programs!

We also no longer support our HorseAid trade and show booth programs featuring horse care and abuse information as well as care demonstrations and training tips.

Currently, there are no future plans to revive our free mail outs or trade show participation.

Web Site Features

We no longer publish or support our extensive equine related Web sites link pages. Ditto with our extremely popular Web site "Easter Egg Hunt" feature (subliminal education about equine abuse while searching our Web site for Cappuccino's well-hidden Easter Egg and a listing on his exclusive "Wall of Fame" Web page).

We no longer publish, gather information about, or maintain, our "Where Does the Money Go?" list of requested IRS 990 and voluntarily disclosed income tax filings of equine rescue organizations.

Currently, there are no plans to revive any of the above Web site features.

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