Welcome to the IGHA/HorseAid "Stop the Slaughter!" Purple Ribbon Campaign.


This is a Purple Ribbon "favicon" for your Web site

First: click on the purple ribbon to download the "favicon.ico" onto your hard drive (the downloaded file should say "favicon.ico". If you downloaded "antislaughter.GIF" instead, try it again. The image "antislaughter.GIF" is just a placeholder graphic, NOT a favicon icon file). Next, put it in the root folder of your Web site (that's the basic folder or directory that all your on-line files are in). And finally, just add this line of code to any Web page you want the Purple Ribbon to show up on (in the address bar when people access your Web site).

It also makes a Purple Ribbon bookmark graphic in front of your Web site name when people that visit you bookmark your Web page!

The easiest way is to place this line of code DIRECTLY in back of the title end tag:


</title><link REL="End Icon" HREF="favicon.ico">


Remember, use of this ribbon is conditioned upon the terms stated on our EquiNEWS page. Thanks for supporting the "End All Horse Slaughter NOW!" Purple Ribbon Campaign.