HorseAid's Rebuttal to
"Opinion Editorials"


" that all horses and ponies may lead a
full and productive life, free from pain and abuse."


The Pennington Paso Finos


Another photo of Diablo. The rest of the herd looked just as bad.
One didn't need a vet or "abuse expert" to tell if these horses were
under-fed or not. All they needed was good old horse sense and sight!


Mare in foal & Diablo

The poor mare in the foreground is soon to foal, Diablo is trying to get water from the muck tub



The City of Chanute, KS (and Garry Pennington's) idea of green pastures and clean, fresh water


Horse ghetto

The horse ghetto located in the City of Chanute, KS — that was home to the Penningnton Paso Finos


Garry Pennington took this case all the way to U.S District Court!

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